One Week of Beta Flights in B77L & B77W

Here are my flights across the globe so far, trying out new liveries & new routes!! So far, I have not seen any defects or malfunction except for few, which are already patched up in the newer updates.

However, I noticed the front wheel completely unstable (rotating left & right) even when at stationary position for the new B77L & B77W. Also, I have run the app with the Limit Frame Rate OFF & it runs completely fine but would need a future update to make it smooth! Nonetheless, the device used to turn into lava but eventually with latest updates it is becoming stable for sure…!!

Any suggestions? Ohh yes!!

  • I wish if we could lock up the free cam during the flight so that it doesn’t shift away from the sweet spot with accidental touches…
  • And most importantly, to create a setting in the audio section for a seperate sound setting when you switch it to outside cam. You don’t wanna get yours ears blasted off when you switch to the outside cam, specially with the new engine sound effect.

That’s all for now & let’s now look at the beautiful & amazing new improvements by Infinite Flight ♥️✌️

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Thank You, Much Love & Peace ✌️♥️


These are great photos!

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Thank you @Ethan_Lee1 ☺️

All photos are awesome! 😍 What are your top 777 liveries? Mine are these:

  • Kuwait Airways of course 😂
  • Air Canada
  • Air India

My top three: 😂 @Hardlanding_Hussain

  • Air India
  • Saudia
  • Emirates
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A320 with no wing flex lol


Yeah 😂 idk why!! 🤷‍♂️

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i guess me & @Hardlanding_Hussain found a new meme


lol yeah 😂😂

It’s KLM ✅ 😁