One week in, made grade 3!

So excited! I bought the game Friday about 10 days ago and subbed to pro last Sunday, and today I got to grade 3!

There were a lot of touch and touch and touch and goes at PHNL runway 4R. It’s 9000ft long and has a 15-20kt direct headwind (the xcub can maintain a ground speed of 26kt while flying over the runway) and I got a lot of practice counting to 30 Mississippi. Did some interisland hops, and some trips around the west coast and South America. The scenery is gorgeous.

I was really worried about violations at first but following the few rules was easy enough. Thank you to the ATC between London and Glasgow in training server for understanding when I couldn’t figure out how to contact ATIS before I traveled out of controlled airspace.

The Citation sure is easy flying! The Boeing 717 is a lot fun but every landing seems to be my rendition of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. I’m going to get good at this plane.

I did some ground ATC at less populated airports and it’s a ton of fun! I need to read the manual so I’m not messing up other pilots’ experiences.

Thanks for the awesome sim and I hope to see you all out there*!

P.S. Try a 172 or other small plane out of CO68 / CO95. Two fun air strips near Telluride ~9,500ft elevation. The map is positioned funky so both runways are perched on top of tall plateaus!

*Assuming VFR and good visibility.


Very impressive! Enjoy the expert server!


Wow. Amazing dedication!

Just a friendly reminder, please refrain from making a topic about your grade. This unfortunately only clogs the forum.


hope you enjoy the expert server!


Thanks! I thought I had read all the forum rules, will do better on the go around.


Also, I love your username…


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Congratulations! Keep touch and going at this rate and you’ll be grade 4 in no time, just make sure you follow all atc instructions on expert and you’ll be fine, and make sure you know what you’re doing

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Well done. Keep it going. Soon be grade 4👍👍👍

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So how long are you meant to be on the ground in order to count it as a landing?

Okay i have done some research and it turns out as long as the wheels touch the ground, and there have to be 30 seconds in between the landings as well.


I think it’s just once your wheels touch the ground. There is a Landing status in the status bar/bottom of the screen. It counts your landings and it is helpful for pattern work.

Also congrats, I got my grade 3 within the first couple days, I was flying and doing pattern work almost 24/7. Literally the whole time I was awake.

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Wow, thats almost 25 landings per day! keep going strong mate!

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Thats incredible! I got to Grade 4 in a week. (Actually 2) Beat that 😏

Just kidding, I’m looking forward to seeing you in the IF skies!

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Congrats! Make sure what’s going to be different on the expert server now as things are reinforced by strict rules and consequences are in place for those who do not want to listen or disregard ATC. Have fun and see you in the skies of the expert server!

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