One Way to reduce Redundant Forum Posts

Recently, @Jan posted about how bad the forums have gotten in terms of topics. I do want to take this a step further because I feel it is something that needs to be said but I dont think has been said.

I understand that you need a certain amount of posts to get to Regular or to keep Regular but this does not mean adding a meaningless or redundant posts to get a +1. Many times I have come on the forums and seen a thread where I want to give my opinion but I do not because I see someone else gave the opinion first. What do I do? I simply like the post to show my support of said thought and move on.

The forums have gotten increasingly filled with these +1 posts. So…just something to keep in mind folks.

What does the community think?


Don’t really care. I just read topics and reply when’ i want say something, otherwise, i leave them alone


I agree however this is the world and people don’t think like this and there is nothing that can be done about it. I would love to see what you suggested happen but I sadly don’t think it will


Don’t reply then. Avoid creating sympathy for yourself. This is the 3rd or so time I see you doing this. If you don’t have anything constructive to post (which you never do) then just don’t post.


I see where you are coming from but that is his opinion on the matter. Different point of view but no doubt many on forums feel the same way.

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Breathe, @dush19! 🙂


Definitely appreciate you looking for constructive criticism nonetheless.


Age is a very important factor in this case.
Kids are selfish. They only think about what they want and don’t care about anything else. It’s just the way it is and it’s part of growing up.
I know I’m generalizing, but still. There’s no way around it.
Awareness is not really in the picture until a certain age.


I think it’s important for everybody to be able to express their opinions on the forum, even if it’s repeating others because you’ll see how many people agree with his/her idea. However what I am against on here is rubbish posts on global with titles like “Pls add ymml airport i want is possible ?” that are just a waste of space and get automatically closed. Opinions are good though, we should embrace those that are willing to contribute, not supress them. Just like topics though, it would be good when people do give opinions if they were more than 10 thumbs up emojis etc.


Then why did you post?

@Jan once again great job summing up the situation


True, thanks for your input. I definitely was not considering the age gap on forums.

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Dush, are you ok?


That’s been increased by a lot. :)


Plus one. 👍


Love this attitude.

Not every post has to make a brilliant point! 🙂


@Alan_Perez, all are valid points. There’s just one small variable, which I also see on social media. This is where several people are typing their comment about the same time, and within seconds, you may have 5-10 people commenting with the same information and it seems repetitive. This may not happen very often but it does. I do agree though, if someone has already said what you were going to say, then contribute something different or just hit like and move on.


This is actually false.


Remember the forum is what you make it. If you want to change it, be the change. Show other users how to act.


That post deserves to be made yellow! 😉


isnt replying to 10 different threads over a 100 day span a minimum of 10 posts? Would this be a 10 post requirement in a way?

I stated what I am doing to minimize redundant posts.

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