ONE Updated JetBlue A320 Livery

Before anyone closes this, yes I/we realize that there’s a bunch of threads asking for this jetBlue special livery or that special jetBlue livery. This isn’t about special liveries.

The voters here respectfully request one updated/modern jetBlue A320 livery. It doesn’t even matter if it’s with or without sharklets. Just a modern jetBlue livery.

Other airlines have a bunch of liveres and while we don’t mind it of course and while we fly those planes on the side as well the folks voting here fly jetBlue mostly and we really don’t care what livery we get just that the A320 gets a new jetBlue livery-it can be whatever livery is easiest for the devs.
Here are some suggestions:

Special Liveries are in the 3rd column while the tail liveries are in the first 2.

For the most part, its the tail and the text on the side of the plane that get changed.

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Thanks @Gonzo

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I’m not sure if this post is going to be allowed, but I definitely will put a vote down.

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Well @AsternAviation there’s an absolute hot mess of posts for different jetBlue A320 liveries. None of which have been forthcoming in updates. So we discussed it at virtualBlue and wound up with-we really don’t care WHAT livery we get, we just want ONE updated one. That’s pretty darn specific.