One Two Right (logbook and checklist app for virtual pilots)

Hello fellow pilots!

We would like to announce to you our bellowed “One Two Right” app! It is a logbook app designed and developed for virtual pilots. It also comes with an accompanying mobile app, which you can use on your phone or tablets.

We would like to invite you to try it out at [url][/url]

Note: We provide the iOS app and Android version is coming soon. We, just like you, enjoy being virtual pilots. Our aim is to provide you the best realistic products possible. For that, we have designed and developed a mobile app, which you can update the checklist as we release/update them in. We intend to provide you real-life checklists with this app. We are looking forward to adding checklists for the B777, B747 and CRJ series next. If you have real-life checklist examples for these types, or for any aircraft type that you would like to see in our app, please contact and let us know at: [url][/url] We would be more than happy to provide you the checklists that you want to see in the app.

Thank you and enjoy!
One Two Right Team


Very nice one!

PS: thanks for your email to us too, we’ve received it and we are considering this


Very nice!


This looks awesome, well done!


Really amazing!!! Thank you guys for creating this!! I’m sure its gonna help a lot of us!!
Thank you!

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Great !! Best of Luck !!

Amazing idea. Very good luck

Just downloaded it!

Awesome downloaded it and made an account. How long does it take for your account to be verified?

It took about 7-8 minutes for me. Not too long

Any date for release of the Android version?

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hey @OneTwoRightTeam this is great nice job, any idea when new checklists will come out? Also can you log flights on the app?

Hey also when logging a flight, what do the last like 3 questions mean??

Thank you!

We are planning to release B777, B747 and CRJ series checklist next. Also, you can contact us at to request new checklists, which we will be very happy to provide. Whenever we release a new checklist you can see it at and you can update the checklist directly on the app without downloading a new app.

The app itself is for checklist only now. Though we have a ticket in our backlog to provide a mobile app for logbook as well. Though, it is not going to be very soon.


After providing what virtual airlines asked us, next item on the table is the Android app. Hold on!

Emails are sent right away upon creation of an account, please allow some time and don’t forget to check spam folder.

You can activate it any time you like. Though, you’ll have 7 days for a trial period, where you can use all the features and the period starts when you create an account.

If you need more time though, please contact us at, we’ll be very happy to assist you.

Your welcome!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason at all.

If you are referring to “Synthetic Training Devices Session” section, it is used to log simulator time for real pilots, which is important for them to provide an evidence that they complete the required simulator session.

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Thank you all for your comments!