One-Time Purchase Option for Global

I’m loving the newest update. However, I think there should be a one-time purchase option for the global feature. Right now there is only a subscription service that includes everything – more than I need and also out of my budget. I would be willing to pay a one-time price (assuming that it would be reasonable) to only get global access and nothing more. All I want to do is fly around the globe. :P


Not sure how the devs could live or produce future updates…

A one time purchase option would be unlikely since servers would need to be maintained to stream global.

If you think about it, a one-time purchase option would be more expensive than a subscription. Since you said the subscription is out of your budget, a one-time purchase would also most definitely be out of your budget. :)

As others have said, the developers will continously add new imagery for areas that currently lack it and other such improvements.

However, we do appreciate your feedback and it will be taken into account.