One Thing to Say to Boeing From Airbus

It’s their birthday, they shouldn’t need to do anything. What would they say? :-)

Well BMW are not like that they say “the birthday is ours the gift is yours” this is not that relevant as its about them giving a free service pack but still…

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Also though, they would say something bad about Boeing in the video 😂 anyways, congrats to Boeing 😊!

I remember I was reading Airliner World, and there was this article that was about last December Airbus decided to announce that they had ‘787’ orders for the A350 family… savage

Usually, SOP is to not say anything.

what do you mean

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There were 787 orders for the A350 family on that day, and the 787 is a competitor to the A350.


what does that mean, isn’t it normal for airlines to buy competitors aircraft too

How do you not get it?

I don’t

Is it like Airbus ordered 787 or something

Do you not get it? 787 orders? The Boeing 787?

Still don’t get it

Please explain in detail

I will PM you the article later.

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There were seven hundred and eighty seven orders for A350 aircraft. Do you understand?


What does Boeing have to do with that?

It’s to point out the irony of the A350 having the same number of orders as the numerical designation of one of their competitors.


Happens all the time, even in sports. Players are friends and party together, but their fans fight one another.

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