One step closer to illuminating lights?!

Hey, im not sure if someone noticed already: did we witnessed some new sort of lightning, presented in the new A220/300 video? Sec 0:50-0:58 when the cabin light switched on the lights not only are shown with some sort of aura above the windows. The room itself got lighter👀. This could be used for many other features like taxiways, buildings at night and so on…


Is this really from outside? Or is it a two three dimmed what ever cabin light?

The CRJ series has a dim cabin, similar to the one shown here, so it doesn’t seem to be a new feature.

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No, it’s not outside. The light source is the cabin light itself. The difference, as far as I can say: the lights are not part of any texture. This is dynamic lighting. And if this is right: we are one huge step closer to more sophisticated light sources. Thanks to Project Metal.

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Don’t mix two textures that are switched day/night like the buildings are doing atm. Please take a closer look at the video: the seats are also illuminated.

Probs to Philippe if I’m wrong, but it would be totally ridiculous to render all the textures inside the plane with dynamic lighting. As always, it is most likely nothing more than a simple extra texture that might have a few extra properties. The reality of the situation is that it would be wasteful to do this when there’s so much more exciting stuff it can be used for, like more detailed 3D buildings, volumetric clouds (although I’ll probably graduate uni before it is possible on a mobile device with the quality infinite flight does stuff) and so on


Maybe you’re right, maybe not :). What if it’s a first test of how things work. For me it doesn’t look like images swapping. It feels soft/blending. I might be wrong, but if no one confirms: it’s just my supposition ✌🏻

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