One Shot, Ten Styles! (B777-200LR)

As someone who has a passion for digital photography editing, I have always loved messing around with various filters and indulging myself in creativity. For this post, I’ve used one shot and applied nine different filters and want to know what your go-to filter would be? Are you someone that prefers dark tones, shades or lighting to create a dramatic effect or someone that likes to go all out and end up being on the brighter side of the edit? I definitely have noticed a huge variety in the various editing styles and filters used in the community but would definitely love to get a bit more of an insight from your point of view!

Route: PAJN 🇺🇸 - FL280 🚀
Server: Solo
Flight Time: 3-5 Mins

1. Original Edit / No Filters

2. Filter - Vivid

3. Filter - Vivid Warm

4. Filter - Vivid Cool

5. Filter - Dramatic

6. Filter - Dramatic Warm

7. Filter - Dramatic Cool

8. Filter - Mono

9. Filter - Silvertone

10. Filter - Noir


nice photos



where where you flying over? Alaska right?

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I was indeed flying over Alaska (Juneau)

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Nice shots @Anshul28, where is this by the way?

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Thanks and I believe you can find your answer above your comment :)

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Oh ok I did not see that because I was soo amazed by the shots ;)

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Great shots! I like the noir and vivid warm filters the most! One tip I suggest though is either making sure the shot isn’t backlit, or if it is, editing the plane to appear brighter.

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Cheers Dude!

Wizardry! All look so great! 🤩

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Cheers Hussain!

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Great shots!
Vivid warm and dramatic cool are my personal favourites here

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Cheers Sakshi and good to know!