One Sentence Story

Hey There IFC, I had an Idea in my head a few days ago and wanted to share it. As you Can see by the title it says a One sentence Story so pretty much it’s self explanatory.

You Just write a sentence that contributes to the previous reply.

Some Rules are:

  1. Follow the Community Guidelines
  2. Don’t make fun of people or be harsh to them because of what they said ( We don’t want to cause any problems here)
  3. Try your best to keep the current story going. If you want to change the topic of the story/ending it
    You could do a Voting and see what happens

And I pretty Much don’t have anymore rules from here Tbh
If a Trust Level 3 wants to add/change some rules then go ahead Just Make sure they Make sense.

I’m Gonna start it off with Saying

                              Once Upon A Time

So Basically Just Follow the Rules and Have Fun :D

I made a topic like this; it got unlisted.

Your thinking of a different concept I think

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