One runway airports as the hub don’t work

I flew into and out of Faro today and it was absolutely fine. Oh wait, sorry, I had to sit in line before departure for 2 minutes. It’s fine. Just because it’s mayhem, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

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Totally agree.

I’ve said it before: I understand and happy for those who appreciate airports that are unrealistically overcrowded. And I’m genuinely glad they have that opportunity in IF.

But some of us actually avoid ATC airports for the very reason that every week, the entire server is suggested to clog up a majority of its pilots across 4, mostly 3 and sometimes 2 airport.

Last week at SCEL was unreal. I personally had no issues and was impressed by the quality of the controllers. Not so much of my fellow pilots.
At some point we had over 200 planes headed to SCEL and 60+ within the next 60 minutes that can be topped by extra planes due to go arounds and mountains.
Don’t get me wrong it was also fun to watch.
I’ll post below a real life vs IF traffic situation.

I perfectly understand that everyone has to find its pleasure in IF and I can see the business / marketing reasons justifying this.

But it would also be nice maybe once or twice a week to have the traffic spread in a more thinner manner across major ww airport hubs hence making it a bit more realistic.
This way, even those of us pilots not attracted by heavy traffic and controllers who’d like to challenge themselves with multi runway airport but necessarily wanting the equivalent of the entire US army fleet headed their way to have their share of the cake too :)

The issue is, everyone chooses to flock to the hub, and the rest of the airports gets left out.


That can happen but it’s not the fault of ATC, it’s the pilots who mess up mostly.


If an Approach controller and an Tower controller are present at the One-Runway airport, everything works fine. But when they are absent, things go wrong…

I find it fun as a controller, way more interesting then having multiple runways.


If I had to be honest, one runway airports are not impossible but just more demanding. Sure the airspace is more dense but spacing has to be tighter but still works out.

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