One runway airports as the hub don’t work

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one runway airports as a ifatc hub don’t work.

It didn’t work at Geneva, it didn’t work at Tahiti, it didn’t work at Panama City, so what makes Tyler think it’ll work at faro? I haven’t been there today yet but looking on like flight it seems total chaos with planes all over the place. I know why he wants to try different places and that’s fine but because everyone always uses a350s and 777s it doesn’t work sadly


with all due respect to the planners , i kinda agree it can get pretty congested and takeoff times can sometimes get pretty high


Well perhaps then we all shouldn’t flock one runway hubs and go to the smaller hubs.
For example, Cork airport has barely seen any traffic today, so how bout just fly from there? Whether it is or isn’t ATC manned, it still may be a bit nicer than getting 1h+ delays at the featured hubs?


If you haven’t been, how can you know it “doesn’t work”? IFATC have been working hard to keep it controlled there today. It can get a little hectic at times but that’s the fun of it! Go enjoy our beautiful multiplayer system :D


don’t see why it doesn’t work? @Enrique_Fernandez is doing a fantastic job with approach


Just finished controlling there. I’m not sure where you’re getting your assertions, because it was completely fine, even without approach. Take this line of 7, for example. It’s long, but it’s organized. Couple of 360s, extend downwinds and you have a line that is separated and distinct.


He didn’t even show up to the airport to see your beautiful controlling; it’s just the usual weekly gripe with the schedule.


Can you define this?

You just said so and so airports didn’t work without saying why. “Looking” like something from afar doesn’t mean it is actually that way. If you’re going to make an argument, it should be structured and have coherent points to back it up, no?


I’d like to mention that if the schedule was limited to choosing hubs with 2 or more runways then that would be very limiting. We would consistently be opening and flying to the same massive hubs week after week.

Single runway airports are fun, I never see any topics on why TNCM shouldn’t be the hub or KASE or EGBB (Pre global example).

There is always the option that you can take (and have taken) if you don’t like the hub of the day, which can’t please everyone all the time. You can simply not fly at the hub, pick one of the lesser known airports, often more fun.


I absolutely concur with this. I just left Faro and it was completely fine. Zero issues at all. The controllers are doing an excellent job with keeping things smooth.


Think of the controllers irl who do single ops irl. So what makes u think IFATC cant?

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That was really a mess 25 minutes ago

I was at FARO today and the controller(s) did a great job. When there is no approach, we as pilots need to anticipate too, making sure you watch the spacing and your speeds. When we all adjust a bit, even these small airports can handle enough traffic! Thumbs up for the controllers today!

Get back to us when you fly there. Live Flight always looks more crazy than it really is because of the plane sizes. Give it a try and see before you make blanket statements.


As everyone and their a340 tried to land a longhaul aircraft there

It definitely gets hectic but that’s what makes it fun! (At least for me) Yeah I had an issue there earlier and i couldn’t even take off cause I had something to do and I was very delayed, but so what?

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I would also like to point out that it’s not just the ATC responsibility to get you onto the ground, but it is you, as a pilot too. Cooperation of pilots is much needed in situations like these. If everyone follows instructions, I’m sure things will go smoothly like how it should be!


Agree with you mate! When Approach is on there is no problem. But I went there when there was no ATC there. The result was 3 go arounds @John370

What I will say is pilot awareness and discipline is very important. And the timing of your turns to final as well. I’ll say give a good 7-8DME between you and the aircraft ahead and you should be good. I had no go around at all.


Well, right now I don’t see any “chaos” like what we saw at Tahati/Geneva. All I see is organised queues, and pilots following instructions :)