One question

Science global flight is here are all airports here or international airports and if it’s in the next update could you have the time for the airports?

Is every airport gonna be her Pe or some specific

What do ha mean

The airport editing team has a global suggestions list. Many of the editors are doing their closest airports (their favorites)

Check out @Kilt_McHaggis 's website and see the list of finished airports. KATL was finished and many others.


Thank you for clarafying this. I didn’t understand what he was saying so I was confused with my answer

And it’s not here yet.

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I think I have to make my local airport by myself, unless some one really does make an airport that needs to back taxi to both ends of the runway and has 1 flight per day.

Airports which have been completed are shown in this list:

All A380s are in

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Does anyone know approximately when the global flight update will come out?

When it’s ready. - The Dev Team.

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I was kinda hoping for an actual approximate date, not an overused joke @Furtive_masstwofourf
(Sorry if this sounded rude, i did not intend for it to be rude)

Well that is your actually date. It’s not a joke…

Ok, ok, sorry. I was just trying to find out if there was an approximate date, like what month of what year.

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