One Question... Do You Flip?

Well, since college took my ability to compose beautiful films indefinitely, I propose a different means of entertaining your bored soul… The art of aerobatics.

Well, XCubs aren’t really meant for this sort of thing, but I decided to do this anyway, because quarantine boredom and I’m also rather flustered at the fact that we don’t have a true sport aerobatic aircraft. (Vote here for flips^2.). Enjoy this little bit of just pure Send. Thanks!


Field: Frederick Municipal Airport
Time: Noon
Aircraft: XCub


I do this too, you’re not alone

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Yeah. Watched a bunch of Pitts Specials doing what they do best and I just had to try to act like one 😂😂😂


Supermaneuverability with the XCub, soon in IFAE channel

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Me doing flips

my flight instructor: (。_。)

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i like how the video says cub go flippp

Yes I do. But cartwheel style.

@Ecoops123 remember?


If my eyes were shut I should have thought the video was about hornets

I might just impress one of them if I can recover a spin like that 😂

I love how we all do this even though we can all clearly see the “aircraft not approved for aerobatics” sign in the cockpit 🙄

Yep. Like I said. XCubs don’t do this stuff. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Yes I flip. Not as good as this though. 😂

Well done Nate, almost as good as the drifting C172.

Of course I remember that event @MJP_27.