One problem after another

Hey everyone,
I know that I’ve reported a problem before with IF crashing, but right after I fixed that problem, Infinite flight started randomly freezing in the middle of ATC sessions, flights, and causing many problems as one of the two solutions is shutting down IF and restarting the flight or session, to have the app freeze a minute later, forcing me to do the entire process all over again. Another solution is waiting it out, but most of the time, it takes up to 10 minutes, and by then, you’ve already restarted. I recently had this happen TWICE while trying to depart KATL in a 737. In IF, departing ATL only takes a few minutes. It ended up taking almost 20. Both times I waited it out, but the second time I was in the air, and when IF unfroze, it put me into a direct stall. I recovered and am cruising towards Key West right now, but don’t expect to land. Not with the freezing bug that is. I’m considering the switch to X-plane 11, even if it has no multiplayer and my computer isn’t strong enough to run it with good graphics, it still doesn’t freeze every few seconds, forcing me to wait. Please respond if you have any other solutions to this problem that don’t include the ones I listed above.

Hey there!

What are your graphic settings?

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i try to be as realistic as possible, so they are at the highest

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Try to turn them down. IF is ridiculously graphics heavy, especially in the highest settings. What device are you on?

I would recommend lowering your graphics settings and seeing if that helps improve things

That may be the issue there. Try lowering your graphics to medium, and un-check the “Anti Aliasing” box. Those will cause drops in frame rates as well as constant freezing as you mentioned. :)

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i am on an apple iPad air 2 (i don’t know the year)


Ok i will try that :)

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That’s a rather old device so you will need to turn down your graphics a lot in order to receive a smooth experience (no higher than Medium)

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ok thank you

Indeed, this is a slightly older device. According to the Device Compatibility Thread:

Device can get hot at times and lags when more than four aircraft are present. NOT recommended for global, lag is constant, frequent, and only gets worse.

do you think that the developers will add something in the next update that will allow my device to run on higher graphics settings?

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As Infinite Flight progresses, more and more features will be added, making your device actually run harder. They do their best to ensure the majority of users can enjoy a fun session but sometimes, certain devices just can’t keep up while running highest graphics.

I honestly don’t know. Probably not, because that has nothing to do with them, it is simply your device.

As @PlaneGeek mentioned, it’ll just keep getting worse. You can view the device compatibility thread here, in case you are looking to buy a new device:

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ok thanks everyone :)

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