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I had a question regarding one plus phones. I have oneplus 5t and 8t which I used in the past for Infinite flight. Those are Android and for both devices I see the IF controls are like printed on the display. Even after I close the appliction, I can see the globe and headphone atc symbol of the IF flight dashboard on the display. Just wanted to check if this is something known or some issue with Oneplus phones display in general. Also, could this be because of heating when I do long haul flights? Let me know your inputs.

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Hi, Sorry to hear about your problem.

I tried to construct an AI question linked to your model of phone. This is the raw response, which seems like it plausibly touches on the issue you described:

Causes of Screen Burn-In or Ghosting:

  1. AMOLED Displays:
  • OnePlus phones, including the OnePlus 5T and 8T, use AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays. AMOLED screens are susceptible to screen burn-in over time.
  1. Static Elements:
  • Persistent display of static elements, like on-screen controls or indicators, can contribute to burn-in. If certain elements remain on the screen for extended periods, they can cause uneven wear on the pixels.
  1. Brightness and Contrast:
  • Higher brightness and contrast settings may accelerate the wear on specific pixels, especially if static elements are consistently displayed.
  1. Usage Patterns:
  • Heavy and prolonged use of certain apps, especially those with static elements, can contribute to burn-in.

Possible Solutions and Prevention:

  1. Use Screen Burn-In Protection Features:
  • Some phones have features like screen savers or automatic dimming to prevent burn-in. Check your device’s settings for any such options.
  1. Reduce Brightness and Use Dark Mode:
  • Lowering brightness and using dark mode can help reduce the likelihood of burn-in, as fewer pixels are illuminated.
  1. Frequent Display Off:
  • Manually turning off the display when not in use, especially during breaks in long-haul flights, can help.
  1. Update Applications:
  • Ensure that the applications you use are up-to-date. Developers may release updates that address issues related to screen burn-in.
  1. Avoid Static Elements:
  • If possible, avoid keeping static elements on the screen for extended periods.

Heat and Long-Haul Flights:

While heat can affect device performance, it’s less likely to be a direct cause of screen burn-in. However, prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures during long-haul flights could potentially contribute to overall wear and tear on the device.


  • Warranty and Support:
    • If your device is under warranty and you experience unusual screen behavior, consider reaching out to the manufacturer’s support for assistance.
  • Device Lifespan:
    • Screen burn-in is a common issue with AMOLED displays, and it’s considered normal wear over time. It’s essential to be mindful of usage patterns to minimize the impact.

If the issue persists or worsens, it may be helpful to consult with OnePlus support or visit an authorized service center for further assistance.

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Thanks for taking out time and give a detailed information on this. Currently I use ios 14 pro max and hope that doesn’t cause issues like one plus. Any precautions or advice for ios?

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Hi again, This link: Screen Burn on iPhone 14 Pro Max - Always on display (SOLVED) | MacRumors Forums reported an issue with ghosting or burn-in for your phone type. Screen always on with static elements seems to be the key risk elements to avoid.

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Thanks for the help Adit. Take care!

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Thanks, @adit :)