One Plane, Two Liveries: N737ER (737 BBJ)

There are many liveries out there. Many of them look great. Many of them are special. But only a few of them are unique.

This is one of them. I present: N737ER

Image Source

This livery is two sided. Personally, I think it’s one of the most beautiful 737-BBJ liveries that exists. And because it’s so unique, it would be a great addition to this simulator.

I don‘t know if it’s even possible to add because of legal rights. However, a suggestion is not illegal.

Very cool! Nice little request.


There are two different liveries on both sides? Thats pretty neat


Yep. One airplane, two liveries.

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Wow, never seen something like this!


You would struggle to tell when you see it.

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That’s nice but I wish that they would something at the front. It’s like a art project that the kid started out very great but then he got bored and just forgot about it so it’s just incomplete lol.

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Thats awesome, never seen anything like it

Me neither. The plane was in Zurich and Basel during the World Economic Forum 2018. Sadly I missed it :/

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I hate myself for it but I’m gonna push that one because of the upcoming 737 rework.

Still think that this so unique livery would look lovely in Infinite Flight. There may be some licensing problems though but it’s worth trying!

Just like HiFly’s A380! I like this idea!