One photo, four versions. (Alitalia 747-200)

I took a photo of an Alitalia 747-200 flying over the mountains. There are four versions. Which one do you guys like the most?


Route: LSZH-N/A
Time: a minute (not very long)
Aircraft: 747-200

  • Sunrise
  • Daytime / Noon
  • Sunset (lighter)
  • Sunset (Darker)

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If you add some fog onto this one then you will have an excellent shot!

Also this is probably my favourite!


Thank you!

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Too Bad Alitalia is being replaced 😢


Yep, sad to see it go. Though, there is a high chance that the livery wont change, which is a benefit ;)

If it helps, Alitalia VA will always be there to fill the AZ shaped hole in your heart ;)

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Yooo that’s a great picture!

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Yeah, I wish it could stay forever. :(

I hope that’s the case! :)

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