One of those rare near misses at flight level…

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here. Been busy with things again and priorities adulthood 101. But I have been flying, so that’s that

It’s not often, that I encounter situations like this, while away from my device until the last minute to try and avoid a collision. But today, it was one of those rare instances where my quick thinking, and situation awareness at the most inconvenient time came in to play. for context, we were flying at the same, cruising altitude on the same departure, climbed out of Taipei. Not knowing that we’d intercept one last time on different fixes, I went to get coffee before checking IFX to see my progress before this happened. Fortunately, no collision occurred, and I was able to safely continue to Bangkok.

Taken on the expert server 7.10.24


That’s close. I hope you put the seat belt sign on 😂.

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