One of those hidden gems

Thank You for this update. I have noticed a hidden gem in the cockpit view . Before I would tap one time and than the cockpit would zoom back in or move which was terrible especially during landings. Since 19.1 , I have had zero issues as the cockpit seems to stay still when changing screens or tapping . A big thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful update. Infinite flight 19.1 hidden feature - YouTube

Wait so what’s the hidden feature ?

Well before the update if you would tap on the cockpit screen once it would zoom in and go out of place , after the update it stays pretty well locked unless you double tap it .

Its been like that for me for a while.

When I double tap it reset camera angle

Ahh I see thanks

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It was when i would double tap as well , however before the update, if I only pressed the screen once gently even it would zoom in as compared to now I can tap it once and it won’t do that.

That’s odd, never did that for me! Well atleast new update fixed that for you!

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I could tell a big difference so it’s a win win situation

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