One of those flights.

You ever have a flight where it just feels good? Just had a short one that went perfect. Took off from KDAB and landed at busy KMIA and it was sensational. First time I used IFassistant with LiveATC in background with headphones together and I was just totally immersed for 45 minutes. Just had to get it off my chest and out to you guys! Lol


Love it! Thanks for sharing. IF truly is providing us with world class entertainment 👌🏼


I know the feeling, smooth takeoff, beautiful cruise, smooth approach and landing… It’s a good feeling. Glad you enjoyed your flight!

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Always love doing Australia-US flights because I could start in the afternoon, last a whole night, and land at early sunrise. These flights always put me in a good mood. :)

In fact I’m doing one right now!

Happy to see that you’re enjoying the sim in its pure form!


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