One of the most scenic flights there is?

Hello IFC,
Yesterday I decided to fly from El Calafate in southern Argentina to Ushuaia, famous for being a base in the Falklands War. @Suhas you might recognise the name from the Top Gear Patagonia special.

I know this is one of @Charlieab29 and @Igor_M’s favourite routes to fly and after flying it I most certainly see why! Such a unique route with absolutely stunning scenery.


Route: El Calafate - Ushuaia ~ Aerolineas Argentinas B737-800
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Goodbye El Calafate, and the lovely blue waters of its lake

Such a nice livery and such nice scenery 🤤


Went for a darker edit on this one, think it turned out good

Descending into Ushuaia

Finals into a smooth bouncy landing

As always, thanks for viewing and feedback appreciated!


El Calafate has always been a favorite of mine! And yes, that Top Gear Special was a fun one, the specials were always the best. I also went out for some shots there in January.


Great photos! Yea, really underrated airport

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Nice!! Ushuaia is one of my favorite places to fly to on IF! Great to see it getting some attention! Highly underrated area! Great photos and thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much!

Your topic convinced me to fly there! Great photos!


Glad you enjoyed it Hugh, that’s exactly why flying these routes that most other people don’t is much more interesting. So many beautiful hidden gems in this world!


One of the best episodes. Very nice shots Hugh. I’m looking forward to diversifying my routes soon, haven’t left Europe in a long time.

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Enjoy the flight, and thank you!

Thanks Patrick!

Exactly, this route being a great example!

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