One of the most frustrating things that can happen in IF live...

So I flew an ultra long haul flight with the new 777-200LR (ZSPD-SAEZ) yesterday with a flight time of almost 24 hours. Here you could see that my flight time was just short of 24h!

Everything went smoothly for the first 22 hours as I flew towards SAEZ. SAEZ was active with IFATC and was rather busy (props to the IFATC controlling there!). I got rather nervous as I haven’t flown for almost half a year and wanted to butter it to make this my longest flight I’ve ever done and round it off with a nice ending.

The approach was going well despite the heavy traffic (again thanks for the professional ATC!). I entered left base at runway 11 and it just seemed like an normal landing. APPR guided me down all the way until 6nm final and it was up to me to put up a great landing. At around 100m short of the runway I just saw my speed was down to 130kt and TO/GA was applied.

Sadly it was too late :( My aircraft stalled onto the grass just short of the runway and it was no butter at a whopping rate of -650fpm. Exited immediately as I didn’t want to embarrass myself and potentially earn a ghost with it.

Always practice landings after a long break. Always look at your speed on short final.


Can we all just give this man a F…

That’s probably the worst thing ever to feel.”

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i can 100% relate to this to the point where it’s not even laughable.

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I’m sorry that happened ;(

Take a deep breath and forget about it 😌


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