One of the most beautiful airports in the world - Queenstown Spotting

A couple of weeks back I had the privilege of heading back to Queenstown Airport - nestled between valley’s and towering cliffs down south. This unique location produces some absolutely amazing scenery which commercial aircraft navigate their way through to bring holiday goers into the adventure capital of New Zealand.


Air New Zealand’s new black Star Alliance Livery painted on ZK-OYB, one of the domestic A321neo’s. One of my favorite liveries out there at the moment.

Weaving through the valley.

The stunning runway 23 approach. What a view from above.

Air NZ’s first delivered domestic A321neo in the standard livery.

The other domestic operator into Queenstown, Jetstar, operating one of many morning flights from Auckland.

The black Star Alliance livery, can’t get enough of it!

NHF, an A320neo prepping for a 3 hour flight over the Tasman to Sydney.

Not much to say, just OYB again (:

Hope you enjoyed our little slice of paradise, featuring some local Airbuses!


these are some of the best pictures i’ve ever seen

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holy cow that’s some nice editing you did, and stunning shots as well.

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Amazing photos! Love the editing that you’ve done.

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben

Thanks, much appreciated!

Doesn’t this look very high for the approach?

Great pictures btw!

I absolutely love the fourth one!

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Nope, right on profile. Just looks it a bit as the airport looks closer because of the perspective of the image.

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Thanks, glad you do!

Thanks mate!

Thanks, appreciate it.

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These pics have officially made it to my phone

i don’t know why they came out so blurry


Glad you like them. The blurriness is likely the compression from IFC, if you PM me your email address I can send you the full version.

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Thanks, one of my favs!

You have just made me want to visit New Zealand!

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We’d love to have you down!

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