One of the more unique and unused livery’s

Decided to take the Seahawks 747 out for a spin the other day! Only used this livery a few times and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else when I’ve been flying using it.

Dublin ~> Frankfurt


I might try it some day never payed attention to it

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That is a beautiful livery. I had no idea it was available!

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Go hawks! I fly this as much as possible.

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I’m guessing this a sporting team win 12 players?

Actually, 11. The 12 signifies the “12th man”, which is an affectionate nickname for the fans. Their cheering is so loud that it has been known to disturb opposing quarterbacks and their communications with their team while on the field. Hence, the honarary 12th player is the fans. :)

It’s actually quite interesting. You can go here for more information. Go hawks!

And, in an effort to stay on topic, I’d like to commend @BoeingBoeingGone for his shots. Superb quality (and great angle on the last one). This really is a beautiful livery, and hopefully it becomes more common within the skies of IF!


Wherever IFATC is, I’m usually there. I’m always happy to try new liveries and aircraft, but a shame for me as I never fly the DC-10 or MD-11 except from FedEx and UPS. There are several probate and charter aircraft that I’d love to use at some point, but never get to it as I can never think of a route. I love the use of this aircraft here, and can’t wait for when the 747 gets reworked at some point, and hopefully will have more detail, more liveries, and APPR mode!

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Great photos! This livery is so close to being a good livery but the proportions of the Seahawks logo are messed up so I don’t like it 😂

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