One of the longest flight in the world!

Hello everyone!
As many of you noticed 23.3 came out recently so @Robin3 @Syncline and me decided to start our first long haul in the latest Version.

Route: Dallas - Melbourne (DFW-MEL)
Airplane: Boeing 787-9 Qantas
Flight Time: 17 Hours and 14 Minutes
Pilots: @Robin3 , @Syncline @ me

At the Gate at DFW!

Climbing out of Dallas! πŸ›«

Above LAX

Cruising above the Hawaiian Islands

Turning Base!


Parked at the Gate after 17 Hours and 14 minutes .


Awesome shots of a lovely flight ✈️

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Nice shots!
I hope the 787 gets a live cockpit soon lol
I absolutely love it!

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Hot, you can never take a bad pic with the Dreamliner lol.

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It’s still weird to see YMML in 3D! Awesome shots!!

This is such a cool perspective.

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Stunning pictures 😍!!!
Might need to try this ULH sometime


Yeah the new airports feel strange to see.
I was so used to seeing some airports in 2d that it feels kinda weird tbh

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