One of the longest 737 flights!

Well hello IFC,
Today I flew one of the longest 737 flights, here’s the info:
Copa 383
Route: KSFO-MPTO @Armani_B
Aircraft: 737-800
FT: 6:04

V1- Rotaté (Thanks CptCanada)

Cruising over the Gulf of Mexico at FL340

Descending over Panama City

On final for runway 03L

About to touch down with a slight crosswind

On the ground after 6 hours on a 737.
Well, that’s it for this, hope you guys enjoyed.


Awesome photos, that’s a long flight though, how?
Armani will be happy. 😃

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My favorite Copa Airlines this is awesome 👍🏽🇵🇦


Yeah, Copa also does one that clocks in at 8 hours to Montevideo in Uruguay.

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Always wanted to try out this route but the other way. You got some very nice photos of the journey! Also you should try out Fortaleza-Miami on GOL. (Due to the MAX groundings) They operate it with 738s and the trip is close to 7 hours though sometimes it stops in Punta Cana for refueling.

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Wow nice pics! Me and @Armani_B flew this route but the opposite way, it took 6:45. My longest 737 flight to date.


I flew nonstop from Fortaleza to Orlando, I landed with 17% of fuel, it was worth to try it.

You should try in the opposite route, it takes longer due to headwinds, I’ve done it several times!

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I actually recently broke the world record for the Boeing 737NG flight time at 13 hours. You can find this at longest narrowbody flight by @nincombop.


Nice photos! I really like the first one, showing the B738 rotating :)

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Great pics :D.

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Is Brasilia-Orlando longer?

The flight always stops in Punta Cana, so it doesnt count for a 737NG series

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Man this images look so great!
They make me want to fly Global again :(

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I wouldn’t say one of the longest, I’ve done an 8:45hr in a B737-700 from PANC-ENGM

I mean in real life.

Oh. That makes sense then

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Why’d you stop?

It says 6 hours.

I flew the same route 2 days ago with @jghastings

Financial Issues :(