One of the Best Ways to Cross the Country

Look, I know the last trip report was boring, but this one will be better, I promise

DISCLAIMER: My camera does not like the dark

After arriving in ATL and having the whole gate area look at me taking pictures of my plane, I was going to go back to check in to get my boarding pass for my next flight. Instead, I went to a help desk and got it printed there. After that, I went downstairs to the train terminal, got on, and listened to a baby crying for the whole ride. I was going to the adjacent concourse because I had seen the Skyteam 767-400ER there, but of course I went to the wrong one because this one had lots of 757s and MD-88s/90s. Who’s complaining though? All the people in that concourse looked at me like I was some alien from Space Jam…

I then went all the way to the A concourse. What was weird about ATL is it had all these train stations and terminals, but they all looked the exact same.

I went to the Delta SkyClub by gate A17 (Domestic First Class isn’t eligible for club entrance, but I got in by other means). This is how it went:

Goes to window, discovers a dinosaur 757 without winglets and sits next to it

Someone in the room: COUGH COUGH ahem
Mind you, this was at the beginning of the whole C O V I D event. Me, attempting to be safe, moved to the other side of the club and another window (which, luckily, had a 757 right next to it) and the same person coughed again. You better believe I got outta there quick 🏃 🏃 🏃

Plane was coughin up some smoke

It was good that I left when I did, because right as I got to my gate boarding was called.

Flight Number: DL763
Route: Atlanta (ATL) to Seattle (SEA)
Date: Friday, February 14, 2020
Aircraft Boeing 767-300ER
Regristration: N1609
Duration: 5 hours 18 minutes
Seat: 5A
Class: First

On the Delta 76W, the plane that took me to Seattle, there are 36 seats in First Class. Each row has 2 seats on either side of the aircraft and 2 in the center. They’re not private at all, so if you’re traveling alone I would suggest the odd-numbered rows. They are closer to the window and optimize seclusion.

Don’t know why it’s so blurry

As soon as I entered the plane, I received a cheerful welcome. The crew that was on the flight that day was easily the best I’ve ever flown with. Props to the team from Seattle!

The seats on the 76W are, honestly, not the best. They’re a bit hard, they’re open to the rest of the cabin, and the PTV can be slow at times. You’re flying First on a domestic flight though, so there’s really not much to complain about when you think about how you could’ve been in economy.

View from the seat

I could not for the life of me get a good picture of these

The seat controls were straightforward other than the fact that you had to press a button to release the tray table and then pull it out. It was so confusing at first that a flight attendant had to help me take it out. About the seat movements themselves, the seat made a dink noise whenever you moved, and the massage was a bit soft, but again, I’m not complaining.

PTV Controls

The remote was a nice addition so you didn’t have to lean forward and press the TV, but I ended up doing that as it was sometimes unresponsive.

The reading light, charging ports, and headphone jack

As you can see, the headphones are two-pronged, so you won’t be able to use them with your normal Android or Apple device (I assume).

The flight attendant offered everyone pre-flight drinks, but of course I forgot what I wanted to order and passed on one. Stupid, I know.

On the taxi out, the safety video played, and it made me sad just like every safety video these days. @BigBert10 knows why…

There were so many times the engines spooled up and I thought we were taking off…and then we finally did. The buzz was great.
On climb out, I saw that the top of the main terminal was covered with hearts (it was Valentine’s Day). Really nice touch, but it’s exactly what I would expect from an airport with a large presence of Delta.

Shortly after climb, the flight attendants came around and took dinner orders. I believe there was a choice of chicken or…pasta? I only remember the chicken choice since that’s what I had. Like I said before, the flight attendants were outstanding and polite, explaining what was in each meal and addressing me by name.

The tablecloth looks animated…Also, it was barely big enough to fit the table

Before the meal, I visited the bathroom and mein gott it was HUGE!


There was really nice lighting in there before you locked the door.

Once I got back to my seat, food was starting to be delivered.

Here’s my meal:

And the aftermath:

Suffice it to say it was very good.

There were many other times where things were served on the flight. For one there were Biscoffs (!)
There were bunch of waters as well. I appreciated them, but when I walked out of the plane with 6 bottles I knew it was a bit too much (and I know, I could have not accepted them). The flight attendants consistently checked on me, and were always helpful and polite.

The flight seemed to zoom by as I watched a few movies on the PTV. Close to SEA, I discovered the “My Flight” section, which was cool in all kinds of ways.

As we approached SEA, I assume we flew through a cloud because there were a TON of little droplets in the air. It was cool to watch, and it also introduced me to the weird weather of Seattle.

The landing was great, and it was a nice way to end an amazing flight. I was looking through the video of it, and I laughed when the pilot braked so hard that someone’s cup fell on the ground 😂

Seattle is surprisingly rainy

Before landing, I had asked the flight attendant to visit the cockpit. As I was deplaning I stopped by, and the thing that surprised me about it was that you have to enter through some stairs behind the captain’s seat. The captain had already left, so I talked to the FO for a while and then took some pictures:


That was the best flight I have ever experienced. I rate it a 10/10, and kudos to Delta for the amazing service!


I remember being literally pulled out of the exiting crowd by some aeroflot SSJ captain just because I had a camera on my neck. That was a definite 12/10 experience

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Yes… that show

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Really great review, hope it was safe!

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[quote=“Azure, post:2, topic:423742”]
Seattle is surprisingly rainy
[/quote] Welcome to Seattle! where it’s sunny for weeks and then rains the following day


definitely lol

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Nice report. Glad to see the 767 going strong for them. The blue light in the lavatory seems like a UV light, to disinfect the lavatory when not in use.

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Oh, my bad, I’ll edit that out.

The 767 will probably be going for a couple of years if it isn’t retired now. We’ll just have to wait and see…


Great trip report! Some really nice pictures of the flight deck you took.

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The p l a n e t r a i n

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Of course, of course.




Amazing review! Loved all the details.

At least they’ll get the new Delta One seats (without doors) sometime soon… if everything goes to plan.

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Damn! Nice pictures. Loving that 757 in the DL colors 👍🏻

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Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.


No idea why they stopped producing the 757’s, better then the 737 MAX by a long shot. I loved the pictures

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If they’d only waited a few years, Boeing would’ve had a big hit with the 757

Thank you!

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oh yeah same up in BC lol

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Yeah it happened in Vancouver too