One of my smoothest landings yet

So 5 minutes ago at PHNL on Expert, I decided to do a couple patterns, second time around and this happened… while having an 8 knt wind from my left (my HUD read -3vs when my wheels touched down)


Did you already touch down when it said zero? If not, then, wow…

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Whenever you pause it, it goes to 0 since you are not moving when it’s paused. :)


But it was only one set of the back wheels, and when they set down I was at -30vs

Oh, well if thats the case, oh well. I paused it at -3vs though so still a nice smooth landing 😃

wait so if I took the screenshot while unpaused, does it still show zero?

Well while taking a screenshot with the built in feature it pauses to take the image and put it together. If you were to take a normal one it should show from the exact moment you took it.


Got to love a crisp A350 landing

All IF A350 landings are soft, it is very hard to do a Ryanair landing with it.

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