One of My Pet Peeves

Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to the IFATC controllers and I appreciate what they do. My pet peeve is when IFATC tells an aircraft to line up on a runway, or clears them for takeoff when I am on a one mile final. I always end up having to go around, and the other aircraft always gets their takeoff clearance cancelled. I do not understand why some controllers do this since both parties are affected negatively, but I do understand that controllers sometimes make mistakes. I just wish this was not as common since it can be pretty annoying especially when you are almost done with a long haul.

Hi Corey! Sorry to hear of your poor experience. Mistakes do happen and controllers try their best to get aircraft in the air as fast as possible in a professional manner. You can always find your controller and PM them and they can explain what occurred.


Hi Corey,

Like Asher said, I recommend sending a message to your controller if you have some feedback for them. Feedback is a very important part of IFATC that help all controllers learn and improve each day. Giving feedback is encouraged.

If need be, you can send a message to moderators and we can pass on the feedback to the controller, but I recommend doing the first option first.

If you need any assistance following a message to your controller, please send a message to @moderators or @Tyler_Shelton (IFATC Manager), and we will help you out to the best of our ability.