One of my most scenic flights ever // São Paulo - Lima // LAN Cargo

Hello everyone!
Welcome to another screenshots post. Today I took advantage of the IFATC in SBGR or São Paulo to fly to Lima, across the Andes. This was done on expert, in the LAN Cargo 777F.

Now, the photos!

An American 777-300 rolls down the runway as me and a GOL 737-800 hold short.

Climbing out of the Brazilian city

Some cool farmland views

Approaching the Andes

Views 😍

The captain of the flight admiring the mountains

And finals into Lima!

Thanks for viewing my photos, I hope you enjoyed them!
Have a good day!
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South America has some amazing landscapes

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The Andes are just absolutely breathtaking. Huge areas of mountains, volcanos and great colours, it’s really a sight to see! Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, it’s an amazing place to fly.

Thanks, and no problem!

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These pics are absolutely breathtaking!! Looks like it was a great flight

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Thank you Ben!

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