One of my best landings yet

Air Canada Flight 2779 from London to Montreal, Boeing 777-200LR
Time: 5 hours 36 minutes
Touchdown Angle 1

Approaching 24R

Touchdown Angle 2

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Very nice 👍‼

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Nice landing!

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What’s this? Some aircraft type you invented?

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Since when did CYUL have a Runway 27L?

Do you mean Runway 24R? (from your position it should be 24R)

Calm down, you seem to be a bit too harsh on him.

Besides that, great landing! Wish I could do the same as yours, as I also fly with Air Canada (best company ever!). Unfortunately I’m trying to avoid the HUD view - and the HUD helps a lot - so as I’m on a phone with no HUD view, I make terrible landings.
Here is a video of the type of landings I make filmed by a passenger: Flight Attendant Sent Flying by Violent Turbulence - YouTube

I was just very confused whether it was a -200LR or 300ER


It’s a 200LR (you can tell by no overwing exit)

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Sorry meant 200. I rarely fly B777’s so still getting used to variants

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