One of many spontaneous solo trips

Hey all, just thought I’d share some of my favorite shots from a recent trip to Los Angeles. Excuse the quality as most of these are literally screenshots from videos.


My seat, suite 2D onboard a Delta A350

Q suites coming soon… 🤫 @Zachary_Naponic

The only Queen better than the Archer Queen

And a very petite airbus coming in from Dubai


Damn son 🥵

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How did you get to sit upfront?

@AviationGeek24 asking the flight attendant if I could say what’s up to the pilots lol

Does it always work or do they sometimes say no if so what’s the chances they say no?

@AviationGeek24 on every flight I’ve asked they’ve said yes, I just recommend waiting until you’ve landed and then asking them if it’s possible to peek in for a moment once the pilots aren’t busy. I’ve had some flights where the pilots were already gone but the FA’s still let me in. Message me with any other questions!

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