One of First looks on 21.1

Hello IFC again. I’m sure we’re all excited about the the new update.
I have compiled some pictures taken by other IFC users and they’ll be tagged under it.

Server: N/A
Route: N/A

^^^beginning with @Henrik003 shot this great 757 photo at KLAX.

^^^Secondly a sunset kiss at Paris Airport shot by
@Henrik003 (my favourite)

^^^New WestJet livery taken by @Elliot_003

a nice ANA shot by @SimpleWaffles

Great gear tilt on the 747-400 at KLAX taken by @AlphaSeven

Note if you’d like to be removed let me know.

I’d just also wanna take the time and thank everyone who has taken part in this new update. It is really appreciated.



wait where the a320 delta :(:(:( like it in the sim

Delta A320 has been introduced!

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I haven’t gotten the update yet. These pictures were posted on the announcements people taking shots and posting them there. I decided to make a post in this category and put them all in one. Will add more pictures since there still space for more.

Can I upload my pics here?

Is there gear tilt for the 787?


Do u mean I add it to the post and tag you or you upload the as a comment? Either way no problem with any of them. 😊

I cant say as this picture wasn’t taken by me. But from my POV it looks like it.

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yes, gear tilt is now present!

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Yes but, there is an issue, on the 787-9 and 787-10, the gear pokes through the gear doors when being retracted, and it pokes out of the fuselage when fully retracted.


Wait so does this mean that the B747-400 also got wing flex and gear tilt?

I got these earlier at EGPH and EGLL

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These are great shots of British Airways.

I really like the A380

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Yes all the 747 fam gets it

I think you should also mention this in the open beta category l.

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What?? 744 gear tilt? This is even better!

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Yup I know it’s so good

I know right😁

The A330 also has new textures
Go check it out

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