One of 19.1's most underrated features


First of all I’d like to give a huge thank you to the team who worked on this update. The replay mode is amazing (could do better with a time slider though, but that’s a minor issue) and this update is easily the best since the Global update (in my opinion). I still couldn’t believe how such a thing is possible considering the server load

Anyways, I think of the most underrated features of this update has to be the screenshot feature, and more specifically geo-tagging those screenshots - previously I had to use a third party app for this, but now this is natively supported.

Most of you probably don’t care, though this is definitely a nice touch by the devs


That’s actually a really cool feature! 👍 Now I can record my favorite screenshots from specific locations, such as Juneau, Alaska.


IKR! I love seeing the globe in my photos app dotted with photos from different places in the world even if they are just from IF

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It is a pretty awesome feature! The whole 19.1 is amazing!

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I really was taken aback when I found about this. Amazing feature indeed!

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

19.1 is the second best update after Global. :)

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My fav is probably the crj rework

My favorite is the map bounce. When going from one airport or fix to another on the map. It’ll go from zoomed in to zoom out to zoomed back in to the new selected area.


I agree and can see how much work and effort was put onto this , it’s many hours , days , months worth of hard work!

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Not to mention the new free cam too!

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i now realised they added the new cathay 777-300ER

This was fixed

I couldn’t agree more! 19.1 is amazing!

Let’s go play down in Southeast with some props

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