One Night Special FNF presented by IFWP

As the official Friday Night Flight has been moved to Saturday Night, which clashes with the IFWP SNF, we have moved our SNF to the FNF slot as a one night alternative FNF!

See full details in the events section, brief details below, pick your low cost carrier and join the fun!


Battle of the LoCos;

London Region
Any Server
B737 - Ryan Air Livery
A319/A320 Easy Jet
Dash / ERJ Flybe

RYAN AIR :- Start at EGSS, fly to EGBB, land and taxi for take off, fly to EGKK, touch and go followed landing at EGLL

EASYJET:- Start at EGKK, fly to EGBB, land and taxi for take off, fly to EGSS, touch and go followed landing at EGLL

FLYBE:- Start at EGHI, fly to EGBB, land and taxi for take off, fly to EGLF, touch and go followed landing at EGLL

love it if anyone wants to act as ATC for EGBB or at EGLL as think both will be busy!!


Times? in Zulu?

yep all on the events page, starting about 2000z / 11 and finishing 1100z / 12

thanks for the Move dush…already had an event running, this was just to highlight it to the general membership… ;)

Why isnt Norwegian there?

Yikes, sorry. Didn’t read that :(

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lol, originally was just going to be a EasyJet vs Ryan air…but is sort of growing!

Norwegian are based at Gatwick so be great for them to join flying the same route as EasyJet!

@Carson any chance you could merge this topic with my other SNF now FNF event so as to avoid confusion and multiply edits to topics… ?

Original thread :

Alternative FNF! Battle of the LoCos! @ EGBB - 112000ZMAR16 - #7 by David_Lockwood

Will there be advanced atc for this event?

Oh, why are there 2 threads for the same event?

FNF are every friday worse.

One started off as our SNF event, which I then changed to the alternative FNF. then I posted one in general asking people to check out the event for an altertive FNF but others then edited for me and moved it into the Events catogory, hence why we have two…which wasn’t the plan!

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Let’s keep all about this event here: