One night in the Trans World Airlines (TWA) Hotel

I already made a topic about my first ever long-haul to New York JFK and today I wanted to share my experience at the TWA hotel at JFK where I stayed for one night.

The TWA hotel was originally planned as a terminal for the Lockhead Constellation, but when it was completed, the jet age had arrived, making the terminal superficial. Later it was repurposed as a hotel and now is a avgeek heaven, especially because it also has rioms with runway views. The hotel is totally overpriced, but the atmosphere within is phenomenal.

A brandnew Carribbean B737-8 taxiing infront of my rooms window. In fact, all photos I shot have this perspective.

Off to Panama: a Copa B738

The hotels front with Connie, a preserved Constellation parked in front.

A SIA A359 coming in hot,

but the SIA A380 from FRA was way cooler.

An Air India B77W coming in from VIDP.

The new Journey to the Future Emirates A380 special livery parked infront of my rrom.

Probably the biggest surprise: An Uzbekistan Airways B788 taxiing to the gate after a long flight from Tashkent. I really wish we had this livery in IF…

A Level A332 coming in from LEBL.

Finally, a WestJet B738.

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This is definitely a huge bucket list item of mine! The pictures look amazing, I’m happy to hear you had a good time! :)


Lovely! ❤️ my favorite and national carrier!

Expect nothing more in DC


Or Illinois

It’s pretty cool! The entry hall, hallways and rooms are quite luxurious, too, but the breakfast isnt included.

I am currently at LGA (the new terminal) and flying to DCA in 2 hours

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They came twice during my stay! Always cool to see Star Alliance, qnd also my first time seeing them!

They regularly fly to JFK 3 times per day, only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays they have an extra flight, you can tell it’s one of their busiest routes.

Really cool pictures! I hope to go to the TWA hotel myself one day!

We cant forget Vegas and the ATL

Thanks mate! Definitely worth a visit even though it is very expensive (at least for me)

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Update: I am not coming today anymore… American cancelled my flight from LGA to DCA and now also cancelled the flight they rebooked me on. 😂

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I love the Copa B738 😍

Gotta love AA. Any reason for the cancellations?

Don’t think so 😅 Just for fun I guess 😂

First time seeing someone spot the new Caribbean Airlines livery… it’s um… a downgrade is the nicest way I’ll put it 😟 Looks like a dream! Glad you got to experience it! Nice pictures!

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Nice pictures you’ve managed to capture there mate. Certainly a bucket list item for me that I would certainly love to tick off one day. Looks fantastic!

Probably staffing if it’s not weather, the entirety of the airline industry is struggling atm :(

That’s more than likely the case, to be honest. Qantas are currently experiencing this issue and there is a lot of domestic flight cancellations currently due to crew availability and slot times.