One More Reason Why I'll Never Reach Grade 4

I’ve gotten better about doing things like this in Casual instead of other servers though…


Just be sure not to do that on expert server


aye, I know that for sure

Yeah, I saw this one, it was a real steep climb!


Didn’t the 787 do a steeper one?


not that I’ve seen but post a link if you have one! :D

How would this stop you from achieving grade 4?

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I love pushing each craft to its limits… I imagine that would exceed speed limits

As long as it’s on casual you could still reach grade 4 because there are no speed limits. Just don’t do it on ts1 or expert

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Just don’t mess around on TS1 or Expert Server, and you should be just fine. :)

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But doesn’t the a320NEO have bigger engines

The 737MAX is actually faster and can take more of a load than the A320neo.

That wasn’t my question but does the a320 NEO have bigger engines

Yes it does. But the 737MAX’s CFM LEAP engines are more powerful. Also speed is affected by engine power…

Ok I got my answer bombardier Cseries hahahaha

You can’t really see from this angle. Looking from the 787s cabin while it was taking off, it looked very steep. This little 737 might have done a steeper climb. here it is

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I do that everyonce in a while,😎

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The title is misleading.

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