One month purchased Live and still not subscribe to Live

I encountered an issue where i purchased a one month live since my Oct to Nov have are already expired and i already purchased for month of Nov to Dec. after i purchased the one month again it said no subscription detected buti was already paid for one month. I try again to purchased and still not subscribe to live… I already spend 500PHP (Philippine Money) and still not subcribe… Please fix this issue i want to refund my money… If you can’t fix the issue i paid already for two months… Please IF help me for this broken issue
And i am not reported or banned on game… 😣😣😣😞😞😞 @david i already send the pictures

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Hello! Don’t worry 😉 we’re going to find a solution.

Please contact @David by PM, please share all informations that you have with him (Screens, Payment Confirmation…)

And everything will be be fine !


Please follow the guidelines outlined in this post when making a support post.


He can’t PM yet. He’s a new user.

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Oh I didn’t noticed that 😳.

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Since you tagged David, though, he might be able to help via this thread.

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Yeah I think too

I hope since i cannoy search how to send him a private message so i just tagged his name

I only tagged him since i dont know how to pm him 😯

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Yeah, as you tagged him. He will see he has been tagged in this topic and see it :)

If you want an alternative solution, submit a support ticket here. Fill out the ticket with the following info:

  • Full user display name (not email)
  • Your most recent callsign, if able
  • A complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt.

David will get back to you soon once you submit it.

So a couple quick things to try. Go to IF’s website and see if it shows your account active there. If it does we know it’s an in game problem not the subscription. If it doesn’t show up then we know we have a subscription problem and not something else. Secondly look at the apps information in the App Store does it say Flying development studios is the creator? If not you purchased a pirated version of the app which won’t work for live. If that all checks out un install and re install the app completely and try again. Hope that helps

Im sure its not pirated since i already purchased one time from Oct 1 to Nov 1 so i buy again for Nov 2 to Dec 2 and try again since it said no subscription found so i try to pay again which it must be Nov 2 to jan 2 (2 monthns) and still not registered to live i use android and buy it from google play… 😢😢😢 i hope they can fix it soon if not i hope i can still refund my money back

By the way i registerd my facebook here on community and Gmail on Game

When you login on the IF website does it show your stats?

Yes i can see my stats