One month live subscription

if I buy the one month subscription, will I be able to use 777-300er if I buy it?


I do not quite understand your question but the aircraft has to be purchased separately, which I did… If you want to own the whole world, then buy Live+ :P

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Do you already have it?

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if u buy i month live, u will be able to play live for 1 month. if you buy 777-300ER u will be able to play with 777-300ER

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if you buy 1 year live, u will get to play live for 1 year and get all the region and aircraft

oh thanks a lot. So u mean if I buy live+ I will be able to use all the aircrafts?

Yes sir! It’s a good deal ;)

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Why would you not be able to? You bought that aircraft, and can use it as you please (if the airport is the right size).

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You don’t own anything when you buy Live+.
Live+ gives you access to all aircraft and all regions.
Once it expired you’re back to what you bought earlier and you’ll lose access to the things you haven’t bought.

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I know that but if u buy live+ will u be able to use all aircrafts in solo?

Yeah you can (:

Lol Jan mate get the joke… :P

Just trying to be accurate and prevent disappointment, which your statement could cause. ;)


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