One Million (XP)

Lets go, One million XP! thanks for pointing that out @Pilot_Felix or I wouldn’t have made this topic right now

Well, after about a year and 9 months, I am excited to say that I have surpassed a million XP! But it took a lot to get here lol

details but you're probably too lazy to look at them

Route: KLAX (Angels) - RCTP (Taipeyouan)

Aircraft: Eva Air Cargo 77F

Time: At least 4.20 seconds

Date: Yesterday

Server: Not Casual

I heard you want to click links

Let’s begin, shall we?

bootiful plane we have today

Double takeoff I guess?

deja vu

Leaving California’s coast!

now let’s look at our very full flight today

J A P A N 🇯🇵

what’s another word for descend?

turning final yes

nice -4076fpm landing

bonus shot i guess

No, it wasn’t -4076fpm landing

It was -4075fpm


Nice photos, glad you buttered the landing!

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Why thank you, it took me very long to butter this machine correctly 😶

Plane go down-down?

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Ah thank you, I’ll use that for my future topics :)

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Nice shots! I love the EVA livery. Certainly much cooler than my 1 Million XP Flight!

Youtube link… Not clicking that.

Thanks tho

what do you meeen

You know what you did stop trying

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Great shots Rolls! Love the moonshot. Must’ve been incredibly heavy with all that cargo.

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Thank you!


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Congratulations on the 1st million!👍🏼

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Thanks very much!

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Also forgot to mention - congrats on 1 million XP!

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How long is the flight actually lol. I think I might actaully do this and nice pics

It’s about 13:37 hours in flight time

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ok Thxs!!!

Nice landing for Evergreen

Congrats on 1000x1000 xp!



Thank you!

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At the end of the day, I have coconut malled 10 people.

I can say that is an accomplishment for me.

Happy April Fools, everyone!