One Million with the Queen!

Hello there, after 2 years of constantly flying and getting violations, I managed to reach 1 Million XP a few hours ago, and to make it perfect, i made with the one and only, Queen of the Skies!

Before we jump to the pictures, here is some info:

Server: Expert
Aircraft / Livery: Boeing 747-400 / KLM
Flight Time: 12hr 53 mins

Pre-Flight Check in progress…

Departure! Next stop, Amsterdam.

C L I M B O U T .

Lots of Blue, over Bahamas.

Touching down, after 12 hours.

Parking in front of this KLM A333.

PS: I am stuck in 21.4 so don’t be suprised on the final picture.


The first photo looks so real, it’s crazy! :O

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What was the route

Quito - Amsterdam

The photoshop in the last one is so cool, well done on the achievement 👍

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