One Man's Town to Another Man's Town

One Man’s Town to Another Man’s Town


As 2020 comes to an end (finally), I thought that I’d take some time to share some photos from my flight with @ToasterStroodie back in October.

Toaster and I have grown to become great friends. We first met after he gave me feedback on my tracking thread. Our friendship grew from there, and now we are nearly inseparable.

One day, we were discussing our future plans. We both want to obtain a PPL at some point, and after some discussion, we mirrored a flight that either one of us would love to take - KBOS-KMMU.

Boston is a secondary home to Toaster, and Morristown is where I intend to begin my flight training. So, we took the good ol’ trusty C172 and put 'er to the test. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Server: Expert
Flight Number: N/A
Flight Time: 2:12:16

Preparing for departure from KBOS

V1, rotate!

Some low level fog as we climb through 6,000 feet

A late afternoon departure allows for some stunning views

Banking right as we enter New Jersey

The analog cockpit in the C172 is amazing

A nice shot of the sun reflecting on the wheel well as we begin our descent

My good ol’ 172 on final approach for KMMU


Can’t have a #screenshots-and-videos topic without some Cessna lovin’

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and peaceful new year. Here’s to a better 2021! 🥂


My home airport 🥰

Amazing shots.

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You fly in and out of Morristown, too?!

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Yep! Nice airport, not too far from my house either.


Sweet! Maybe we can spot AF1 the next time it comes, lol.


Very nice pictures especially the one with the cockpit lights illuminating in the sunset

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Great shots! The last one especially

That was the first time I flew the C172 on an actual route, haha. Lovely photos, @Z-Tube. Really fun flight, and it’s been great getting to know you the past few months. Here’s to 2021!


Same here, lol. Thanks for flying with me! Can’t wait to finally do the Milk Run with you!

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Yeah, we’ve procrastinated on that one quite a bit haven’t we?