One last time

Welcome to one of my screenshot topics. EHAM was featured again today (thanks Misha) for the KLM 747 farewell.
I flew Amsterdam-Curraçao in the 747 for one last time. With the beautiful 747. The route was 10 hours long, with headwinds… and the scenery is meh. 9/10 is ocean.
But after landing I was happy that I did that route :). It was my only route I flew with the 747 in real life.
I did my best on these pictures and I hope you enjoy them 😄.

Flight Information

plane: KLM 747-400
route: Amsterdam (EHAM) - Willemstad (TNCC)
flight time: 10 hours


taxiing to runway 24

holding short runway 24

takeoff captured by a moonshot

circling above Curraçao as this is the last flight. (Real reason: I had dinner)

more circling, but this time captured by a moonshot

Thanks for viewing, I wish you a very nice day :)



Someone needs to buy this aircraft, fly to NY, and sweep me off my feet and this earth like a Prince Charming. I WANT TO FLY A 747 before they are all GONE!! but it cost so much…

Oh, beautiful pictures btw. ;)

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Thanks. I’m really sorry for the screaming text, idk how to fix it.
But thanks anyway :)

Relatable 😂

Nice photos too! The area around the Caribbean is really fun


Ah yes, the KLM 747. Served the airline well, and sad to see it go. It will be missed. Great photos there as well, @Infinite_Qantas!

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Yeah, but trans-Atlantic is just so long. Best way to explore it is by hopping. But if you have time, trans-Atlantic can be fun too.

@Butter_Boi thanks 😊


That feeling when you are about to land from a long haul of 12 hours, and then you suddenly got dinner…
Dinner time always falls during landing time😂

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