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Hello Community!

As I set out to begin a new part of my life down in Texas for college, I wanted to visit my local airports one last time for a while before I left for @Altaria55 and @Speedyyy land. I’m excited for what the future holds and excited for a new chapter of my life! Anyways I hope you all enjoy these pictures!

To start off things we have an Atlas 747-400 banking out of Denver heading down south to Phoenix. This plane was carrying the Denver Broncos for their preseason game against the cardinals.

Next up we have one of my favorite liveries being the Icelandair Aurora Borealis livery arriving on 35L from Reykjavik!

Here we have a United 757-200 rotating off of runway 8 at Denver heading out to Dulles!

Then we have a Lufthansa 787-9 Dreamliner coming into Denver from Frankfurt under some moody skies.

Next up is a United A319 departing off of runway 8 at Denver heading off to I don’t know where I just like this shot.

Then we have an attempt at a night time pan with a British Airways A350-1000 rotating off runway 8. This picture has no sharpness what so ever but just amazed it turned out alright.

Then we have Louisiana One zooming off of runway 8 at Denver heading out somewhere east!

Next up is an Air Canada A220 repping the Trans-Canada retro livery coming in from Montreal!

Next up is MOON41 a USAF Beech 400 coming into Cenntennial (KAPA) on a gloomy day.

To round off my time in Colorado for now we have a head on shot of a beautiful local G600 lining up for takeoff on runway 35R at Centennial (KAPA).
Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm & Sigma 18-35mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop

Thank you for stopping by!


These are EPIC!!! Where did you go to spot at KAPA?

Hello Tyler

Hello Andrew

these are the pictures of all time

There’s a set of buildings off of Inverness that has a parking lot that overlooks the runways

The all time of pictures these are

Thanks so much.

we gonna have so much fun

This dude can’t even center his pictures 💀

Such a mid photographer

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I am Texas

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This is funny! I moved from Dallas to northern Colorado last year for college now you moving down to Texas. Your going to love it down there

no ur a fake texan

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