One last LATAM A350 flight


As some of you may know, LATAM retired all their A350s a few months
Last night I flew it from Milan to São Paulo and the flight had some really nice scenery along, so I though it was a good opportunity to say a (extremely delayed) goodbye

Minimod repellent
LATAM A350-900
Expert Server

Rotating out of Milan with the Alps in the background

Left turn moments after takeoff

Flying over the Sahara Desert

Entering the Brazilian coast over Espírito Santo State

On left downwind for runway 09R

Turning final


No gate shot because the jetbridges wouldn’t load

Important notes:

  • I used different times for each photo, which means the interval between them isn’t true to the actual flight time between them

  • All pics were lightly edited with the standard iOS photo editor

  • Discourse ruins the quality and colors of the photos

Thanks for reading all the way down here

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Lovely shots!😀 the last one is amazing…


Sweet pics, cool moves, Supercolourfragilisticespicalidocious!

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Thanks for the cookie, and great pics.

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