One-Hundred-Millionth Passenger - KATL

That’s a lot of people now isn’t it?

“The world’s busiest airport plans to celebrate that 100 millionth passenger with a Nissan Altima car, 2 Delta round trip plane tickets to anywhere around the world and a $500 giftcard.”

If it was me I would change the car for two more around the world tickets.


Wow, that’s awesome :)

I flew there yesterday on FSX with the A320! A massive airport…

I thought Dubai Intl overtook KATL.

And I thought London Heathrow did

Nah. Maybe in the earlier 2000’s, but not in this generation.

That’s what the source said, I quoted it there

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If been thought KATL many times. I would say 65% of traffic was Delta 15% Southwest and 20% other.

Delta pretty much owns ATL.

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ATL is delta’s DFW. More than half of the flights are delta airlines.

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I remember going to ATL…

Ohhh, atl. Can’t even notice the other airlines with all the delta. I have nothing against delta, but spotting can get annoying when 20 delta 737s come in within 5 minutes.


If you want to go planespotting, 90% of your pictures are delta planes.

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ATL has some awesome views and angles but most of it is Delta and the rest isn’t very interesting. No offense of course.

Airlines I have seen at ATL where
*Air Tran
and Delta
Have I said Delta yet


KATL is the Delta headquarters. Most of the planes they fly are Delta planes. It’s so huge!

Lol this turned into a discussion about spotting now 😂

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Yeah, it was Delta liveries as far as the eye could see…

So how would this work then.

-Delta flight 1 arrives at gate.

.So and so gets off plane

.Does a guy in a suit come up to so and so and be all like. "You are the 100m KATL passenger. You get A car and DAL tickets?

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