One-hand controls

Before I start, I want to say that I do know that the devs are busy making global and the MD-11. I don’t say that this feature should be added right away and I think that IF the devs want to add this, it should be done when they have time and nothing to worry about. And also once again, this is only a suggestion
Today I was flying a Cessna 208 around Los Angeles with one hand and I thought, why can’t we have an option to put all the controls in one side so one-hand flyers don’t have to bring up their left hand to adjust the throttle or their right hand (If they are using the left hand to fly) to adjust the flaps, trim, gear and…
So I wanted to know your thoughts and opinions. What do you think? Any suggestions?

What a nice request, because it actually request high skills to control with one hand!

I will ask for left hand friendly interface.


Sadly I used all my votes so later for another topic :^\

Um I don’t see why that’s wanted of a simulator. It seems like you are a bit lazy to raise your other arm and hold the device in my opinion.


Try because it’s pretty cool

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Pretty silly statement from you Chatta. Since IF is a simulator the OP is trying to make the C208 more realistic! You should change your “lazy” assumption IMO.


I don´t think it is too necessary, there are more important things to be done (:


Well at least vote for your own request 🤷🏻‍♂️


Sorry. Out of votes and I can’t remove any of my votes because all of them go either to my topics or some of the best requests on the community.

I had this on my tablet, but when I got a smartphone, the controls were on both sides, kind of hard to get used to. I don’t think we would need this though, like @mbmhwue148 said, there are more important things to be done. I guess that’s my opinion. On the other side, it could be also used for recording purposes since the buttons wouldn’t cover the whole screen…

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Well unfortunately your aren’t going to get much support for your request without voting for it. Best of luck ;)


MaxSez: “Flying with my left hand”, what a novel idea and genisis for a Topic. To think at this point 11 bored people with time on there hand chimed in. I’m beginning to think the Forum has become a beacon for the 10%. How far outside the box can you crowl. No responses pls, you’ll just indite yourself. OhMy!!


OhMy!! If u don´t like it, don´t bother commenting.

Either way. While I like the idea, I imagine it would be quite messy. Remember pilots use both hands when flying as well :)

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Yeah if you use your left hand there’s a countless number of things you can do with your right. Not sure how this would work entirely but sounds good. Plus you have to take into account different device sizes.

Actually that is already implemented for android

Yes but if you have seen videos of landings, you would see they usually use one hand to land the plane.

It Would be ok I suppose for the users that don’t like the orientation of them. But at the moment it all comes down to the size of your device and how much space it takes up. An iPhone 7 has some on the left and some on the right as its a small screen. This leaves you a fairly nice, spacious screen, but if they were all on the right it’d obstruct most of your view when the HUD is on.

Maybe this is just something to implement on larger devices like the iPad Pro🤷🏻‍♂️

Quote above says it all. Don’t be lazy and vote for your own request to show you actually want it.

Well what do you do with your left hand that´s so important that you can´t use it? Please don´t answer if it´s inappropriate…


Surely if ALL controls were featured only on the left hand side, it would look a bit crowded and in my opinion, a bit odd 😂.

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