One free twin aisle twin engine aircraft?

Hi, I’m a completely offline player, I’ve never been able to afford something like Global. But I think giving a new free aircraft would be good. I completely understand why global is so expensive as it takes money to run servers such as that, but I feel a new free aircraft such as an A330 or possibly a fright A330 would be appropriate. Both from my knowledge aren’t HD if I’m not mistaken and the freight version has literally 3 liveries. I just feel having an aircraft from each commercial category would spike more interest for people such as me. Until the day I’m able to afford global, I’ll always be running small routes but having a twin engine double aisle aircraft would be great, its not much of a loss in terms of money as both aircraft aren’t that amazing in terms of quality. Heck, maybe even a 757 or a 767 have you seen the cockpits of those aircrafts? Thats all I really wanted to say, I just feel having some sort of long haul aircraft that isn’t a 747 or a380 would be great, even a 757 would please me. Also maybe a few more regions in central Europe and Asia? I dunno about the regions, maybe for a later time, but I just feel that IF lacks a bit less when it comes to their free options compared to other competitors.


Hey there, welcome to the community! Unfortunately this does present a few issues, as explained by a staff member here.

However if you come up with a good idea, feel free to post in #features, where people can vote and show their support, and maybe we’ll see this in the sim one day!


That is closed

I’m aware, I never said for the user to vote there, I told them to go see how a staff member explains the problems this presents.


Mmm, I see. Unfortunate, even a 757 would do. I hope one day it becomes a possibility, or switching a current free with a different one, of course though it will depend on the quality of the aircraft. Thanks for your response.

I completely agree with you! Im tired with the current free aircraft. It would be nice if there was a swap every once in a while.

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I hate to be “that guy” but that’s (to an extent) how it’s meant to work. If you check out Seb’s message linked a few replies up you’ll understand that IF needs to make money, running this app is not cheap.

To quantify that a bit, the reason your scenery loads quickly, aircraft download fast and airports load faster than you can see them load is because of a system called a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN is usually sold as a service by big companies like Cloudflare, for reasons that I will make apparent shortly.

A CDN is special (and fast) by design. The way it works is there are a bunch of servers scattered throughout the world that are all able to store (cache) data and send it to clients (ie your device) when called upon. Most of the time, the server will have already cached the data your device is requesting, meaning it can respond with the data super quickly. If it doesn’t have the data though, it connects to a “master” server, downloads the content from there, caches it so it’s faster for the next person, then sends your device the data. This blog post goes into more detail, but you get the point.

Bottom line, there’s a lot of servers involved in streaming data.

Servers cost money, and ones with significant bandwidth cost more money, and ones with significant bandwidth and CDN software on them that’s managed by an external company costs more again. Now do you see why IF needs to make money to continue development?

TLDR Servers cost money, CDN is cool, IF needs money to keep development going,


As I’ve said before, I understand the massive costs of running such servers, my point was is that a 5 year oldish low quality aircraft design wouldn’t have that much of an impact on profits and costs as it has no direct relation to such costs. I’ve also mentioned how replacing a current freeware plane with a new one would also be appropriate based on the quality of the aircraft. IF has it in every right to have less freeware content, but an aircraft like a 757,767,330F are all very low quality and shouldn’t have any large impact on money. It’s not like I’m asking for global to be free, having a range of freeware aircraft will spike more interest for consumers like me. And even if that were not to work, why don’t they sell these aircrafts instead? I would absolutely buy an aircraft and I’m sure they would make money off of it if they made these planes accessible to non-pro players via purchase. Anyways, I see your point, I hope in the future they can provide some form of new freeware content. Also, I’m only talking about 1 new freeware aircraft, not multiple.

The issue is that each and every aircraft you make free might take away incentives for people to buy Pro. I bought it to have access to Europe as a region, but other may buy it to unlock a certain aircraft and if that exact aircraft would be free, they wouldn‘t subscribe at all.
I understand your concerns, and it’s a perfectly fine opinion, but as a business model it wouldn’t make any sense in my opinion as the A321 is already free and in a very good condition, as is the B777-200 as far as I am aware (please correct me on that one).


No, the 777-200 isn’t free, if it was I wouldn’t be asking for a twin aisle aircraft thats not quad engined. The whole point of my request was to fill that empty spot of a free ware twin engined heavy. But I see what your trying to say here. Perhaps only a few aircrafts that are available for purchase? Pro subscription comes with a huge amount of advantages, having 1-3 of those aircrafts up for purchase doesn’t really take away from pro in my perspective. This of course depends on the aircraft, I would most likely recommend selling 1 twin engined commercial aircraft, 1 freight, and 1 military. Instead of putting all of the pro planes up for sale, having a few select ones could be appropriate while making sure pro is still an attractive option for certain people. Aircraft also aren’t really a huge part of pro subscription, most of the time its for that global map. IF’s free regions are great but very small, so people will still have a huge reason to buy pro with the exception of 3 aircraft.


Unless the developers rework an old free aircraft (ex the B747 or the A380 or both), and replace it with an old, paid aircraft. That way, people wanting to fly the new reworked aircraft (with gear tilt and wing flex for example) will have to pay for it. Hopefully this could be a solution.

EDIT: If this is hard to understand tell me and I’ll change the wording

I do like the buy idea, but believe their would be quite a amount of organisational things to be consider to make this happen, which probably isn’t worth it in my opinion and would reduce/eliminate any income from the aircrafts.

In the end it isn’t our decision and we don‘t have the same opinion here and that’s fine :)

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Bit hard to understand, from what I’m seeing are you saying that once the a380 and 747 get reworked they be revoked from freeware and be replaced with old paid aircraft? If thats the case I would have to disagree, the whole point of reworked aircraft is to make the game more competitive and better. So far all freeware aircrafts are good options, I wouldn’t want to switch one of those aircrafts out except for maybe a 717. I think if any of the free ware aircraft are revamped they should stay as freeware, they did the same deal with the crj-200 so I wouldn’t see it appropriate to pull a stunt like that for the 747 and 380. Plus both aircraft are legendary, I’m definitely glad they included them as freeware when the game introduced them.

Yep, good to talk with you anyways, hope you the best.

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Now Jason or one of the moderators/developers may chime in here, but just to give a brief overview:

I’ve been here since before multiplayer was introduced, and so I’ve seen the evolution of Infinite Flight during that time period. There did use to be individual purchases, but these were phased out for two major reasons:

  • First being that with continual upgrades coming along that can be rolled out to all aircraft (think working cockpit, APU, dynamic lighting when that becomes a thing, etc) a one-time purchase won’t give Infinite Flight enough of a return on investment to recoup the costs of creating that content in the first place. A subscription generates continuous revenue which does offset those developmental costs
  • Second, in app purchases required a lot of work and maintenance and for Infinite Flight needed to be on two platforms. They also couldn’t be switched between platforms unlike the current subscription model.

Then to your point of making a current not-recently-updated twin-aisle aircraft available for non-pro. The problem with this is that, your situation aside, adding another free aircraft that is in rather subpar quality may turn off new first time users who think the quality isn’t up to what they’d like. Plus when the aircraft eventually becomes due for a rework (and it will at some point), then it very well may need to become a pro aircraft again, to justify the cost spent on updating it. I think the only possible approach would be to make a variant of a future rework free in the future (Maybe the 753 in a 757 rework with the 752 and 75F sub based). The problem is this isn’t easy or a guarantee for reasons based on my first paragraph. Way back when the 787 was updated (when aircraft started becoming more complex and time-consuming to develop) it was stated in an informative post by Philippe that all three new 787 variants wouldn’t be free - my hypothetical 757 example would be a similar situation. The Devs have to walk a fine line between bringing new users in and generating continued revenue by making the sub an attractive option.

Sorry there’s not an easier answer but maybe that helps explain some background.

I feel very fortunate to have global! Could you send me a message 😉

I see. Thank you for the detailed response its very helpful. It is true that in app purchases do make the situation a bit more complex. But if IF is able to include a revamped 757 as you said that would be the best case scenario for people such as me. Having an aircraft like the 757 would definitely give offline players some more amazing content, no complains from myself.

Sure, one moment.

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