One final time : Please make Playground better! [ATC]

Hello guys,
All of what i say here are already said in the past but
Some people here will feel like those numerous request threads are just ignored!

I have a simple reason to make Playground only available from Grade 2

When i say “A new user” i mean “a new user take ATC or pilot that not knows how IF run”

Like we say in French, “Grosso modo”

  • A new Infinite Flight Live user dont ever check the guidelines and tutorials before starting to control/fly
  • A new Infinite Flight Live user don’t ever know how the flightsim runs!
  • A new Infinite Flight Live user don’t ever know what commands are used for each situation
  • A new Infinite Flight Live user start to be ATC without unknow IF ATC experience
  • A new Infinite Flight Live user can ruin IF in 10 minutes!! He need to 1. account 2. live 3. frequency ATC to spam a IF Live. 10 minutes since he buy Infinite Flight, and just paid for ruin it
  • A new Infinite Flight Live user need nothing except a Live subscription, for making all what he wants

I am sorry for all the bold text but i feel like some users here need to open his eyes and look where are really the problem.

Nobody is perfect
If a new user talk with wrong commands, its not saying he is noob! He just don’t know from where begin!

So i have 3 solutions that FDS should make to make Playground better.

  1. Bring back the old system of Standing, for regions and controlling, or improve Grading system to be more strict!
    Bring back the airspace violations (and all Live-beginning violations) - #3 by Chatta290

  2. Grade 1 users should to be only access to Unicom (maybe make at “ATC Test Server”) and need to reach Grade 2 to access the full ATC! (the Ultimate solution), Like the good old IF
    Make ATC Playground Better: Grade 2 Requirement - #41 by dasabel100

  3. Before starting to fly in a ATC Server, Make a SplashScreen with a welcome message and force the user to check the tutorial before starting to fly!
    Intro/reminder rules screen before begin to fly in Live

If those 3 solutions are applied by FDS, you guys would maybe not need more to make topics about bad ATC controlling or Playground…

PS Yesterday, a controller named “Donald Trump” have made a great job in KLAX Tower until i press End Flight by error.


To all people saying Fly on Advanced - this topic is not priority for you. I think ATC Playground have the fully right to be nice for everyone. This is why i request this.
####Make ATC Playground Server great again!
####Make Infinite Live great again!

  1. i am not a Trump fan
  2. Sorry for this long topic.
  3. I spent 20 minutes to write this post, please considerate i want made Infinite Flight better and i submit some things to help.
  4. Debate are 100% open!!

I completely agree, I had IF live when it first came out and the system was far better I actually had to work hard and fly a lot to get to the bigger airports and to get my standing up to 100. I think it’s the only solution to make infinite flight enjoyable for everyone complaining about noobs!

The splash screen could also go over basic things like ‘Hold Short’ and what ‘Line Up And Wait Means’ this would really help people doing ATC on playground


The ATC “comment” is very true, well made!

Not everyone is ATC on adanvced therefore they can’t control, and I used to always fly playground as I prefer to have ATC when there aren’t many on advanced there is never usually ATC , we shouldn’t have to play advanced to get away as most on playground are actually trying to learn but some just take it as a free flight server and it doesn’t really help them learn anything


I completely agree with this. It was an excellent way of keeping inexperienced pilots out of busy airspace. But in the long run, I don’t think PG will ever be any less chaotic. Some pilots will always not follow instructions with complete impunity, encouraging them to commit further infractions. That’s just the way it is. On the other hand, there are also many pilots on PG who follow instructions and do what they are supposed to do.


Yes but before starting controlling
Learn How to use ATC commands in Live -----> Unicom!

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Yes i understand. But before controlling, just see what commands exists…

@Mark_Denton should make a full video for ALL commands in Infinite Flight Live, maybe if everyone watch his video, Infinite Flight Live will be less difficult for new users!

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Here is the problem.

Why we should to fly on Advanced to have a great ATC experience, worthy of this name?

I fly 95% on Playground (the rest in Advanced but very rarely)
I fly with bad or great controller, always i follow ATC instructions. If i make something that an ATC does understand, he will probably ask him “Where i am wrong?” and this is also how the problem can be resolved.
Everyone need to learn. The human will never stop learning everyday, in all cases!


Maybe a Free Flight Server 2 (with ATC) where everyone can make everything

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What’s the chance of pilots following instructions there? The FFS already has Unicom. For Christ sakes, people on the Playground should know what they’re doing by the time they’re Grade 2. Which is why (this is like the 5th time I’ve said this on the forums) the Playground requirements should be bumped up to Grade 2. And has anybody even seen the tutorial section on IF? It’s outdated, and it only uses a Cessna for tutorials, which people don’t usually fly. The tutorial section can also make a big impact. I haven’t seen a dev give feedback on this requirement bump YET. We need to start a hashtag.


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Thanks to post it, its not a duplicate topic.
Its primary an “alert topic”

Iv not posted it as a duplicate, posted it as a possible solution have a read :)

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Best topic ever!!!
Best solutions ever!!
This must come! Really no Joke this must come!

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Guys i doubt… Can we control ATC in Grade 1?

Thank you so much. i hope it get 50 likes at least.
But its not planned to be real …

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Other solution

Rename playground server to ATC training server

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no we DON’T fly ADV it is not a solution!(then you close Your eye’s for the problem)
This game needs users and if I was an new user that fly for the first time on PG I Will think this is a bad multiplayer game and there is not much realisme. sorry but I Will think that if I was a new user.


@grxninesix fully agree with your post here. Bringing back the old system of standing for different airspaces would be a big step in helping to teach people how to use the sim better.

When I first started I could have been a bit of a nimrod, not because I wanted to cause disruption, but because I didn’t have a good understanding of how it all works. The grading / standing system, particular of being kept way from the larger airfields meant that I learnt how to interact better.

I would go a step further and say that to access ATC PG Server you need to be a current Grade 2 whilst to access ATC you need to be min Grade 3 and for your first operations be limited to Charlie airfields until you have done a set number of operations and then can access Bravo airports.


YES SO TRUE THANK YOU also it should be that if you are already at grade 4 you should not need to take the test

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